Biodegradable sports and walking shoes developed with University T.Bati in Zlín, Czech Republic

The footwear has a patented sandwich sole system, EPUR ISS-BIO. The weight of the whole body is distributed through the still flexible thick layer over a much larger area than in conventional shoes, reducing local pressures on the bottom of the foot.

The shoe is completely made of local  natural  leather  materials that are wear resistant , breathable and biodegradable at the same time.

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Fulfilling special claims

We can accommodate any request and produce footwear tailored to special needs. We focus on solving and especially preventing health problems. Appropriate footwear can prevent, for example, amputation in serious cases. We make shoes for walking without blisters and without pain.

Advice on selection

With every purchase, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of footwear suitable for your feet. We tailor our selection to your needs and proportions. Confidence is what connects customers with us. That's why they like to come back for another pair of shoes for other uses.

Quality for absolute comfort

EPUR footwear is absolute comfort and quality. We do not use plastics or other harmful materials in the production of our shoes. We wrap you in genuine leather. You don't have to worry about early wear and pre-set durability. Rely on our quality.

Footwear that have been walking own way since 1997

Followed in the footsteps of original development, quality, comfort, health and sustainability with us. Since 1997, the creators of the unique concept of Bio-degradable footwear have been researching and developing the most comfortable soles with a unique up to 6-layer composition. The footwear originally developed to save the diabetic foot from amputation is being pushed further and further. Comfort, lightness, indestructibility and health benefits are now offered to everyone. Quality reduced consumption, biodegradable design, low CO2 footprint and Sustainable production here in Slovakia and from domestic raw materials will be appreciated by our descendants.