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  • Biodegradable shoes Biodegradable shoes
  • DIA medical and work footwear DIA medical and work...

    For 25 years we have been successfully helping, healing and preventing amputations of diabetic foot with our special Dia footwear.

    Up to 80% of the course of diabetes depends on the patient. Movement and walking  mean HEALTH. Walking on the 15 mm thick and integrated soft layers of the EPUR ISS° DIA sole eliminates the risk of blisters formation. No other shoe can do that in such a scale. The patented EPUR ISS° DIA soles have protected and saved thousands of feet of diabetics from Slovakia and the Czech Republic for 25 years.


    Men´s and women´s diabetic shoes with a widened front part are specially developed for the wider foot of diabetic, also with a room for hammer toes. Seamless design with DIATEX lining has been manufactured for 25 years. A clinically tested shoe distributes the pressure of the foot through 16 mm thick foam integrated layers over a large and soft surfaceand thus it prevents formation of blisters and treats them. 




    Diabetic work shoes with a widened front part are specially developed for the wider foot of the diabetic, also with a room for hammer toes. A clinically tested shoe distributes the pressure of the foot through the thick foam integrated layers on a large and soft area and it prevents formation of blisters in this way.


  • Walking shoes Walking shoes

    After the excellent experience with Epur shoes for diabetics, who stopped to have problems with blisters using our shoes with EPUR ISS° soles, we have expanded the range of shoes for those who want to walk comfortably and protect themselves from impacts when they walk on hard surfaces.

    We produce walking shoes in several widths and designs of the EPUR ISS° sole.

    The EPUR ISS° Dia sole protects from blisters mainly, the EPUR ISS° Flexi sole protects from impacts on the joints and spine, the EPUR ISS°- BIO sole is the latest - ecological and biodegradable and at the same time it is extremely comfortable.

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  • Working shoes Working shoes

    Work boots, developed on the basis of our experience for nuclear power plants operators, with EPUR ISS°- DIA soles. In the washable version, the footwear  withstands  mandatory 50 washing cycles at a washing temperature of 50 °C. We have set the level of quality of work footwear very high.

    The footwear has a plastic cap, it is anti-static, oil-resistant, light, soft, with S2 or up to S3 protection - puncture-resistant design.

    Choice in washable design- no need to sanitize- you wash it or in leather non-washable design.


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  • Winter shoes Winter shoes

    Over 20 mm thick sole, full of thermal insulation, keeps your feet warm and dry all winter long.

    We make winter boots with the EPUR ISS° sole with the best ratio of thermal insulation and flexible comfort to order. A total of at least 20 mm of different layers and materials will separate your foot from the cold floor. And you don't catch a cold from cold feet needlessly.





  • Slippers Slippers
  • Shoes for wide feet Shoes for wide feet

    The arches of the feet - both transverse and longitudinal- will drop with age to everyone. The foot will lengthen and widen. Suddenly our shoes are short and narrow, especially in the evening when the foot gets bigger.

    You can take advantage of the wide offer  of our patterns, originally developed as health shoes.

    Health shoes must not press anywhere and its production is strictly monitored. Choose from patterns for wide or bulky feet.

  • Oversized and special footwear Oversized and special...

    We offer you oversized footwear as to the foot length, foot width and also foot volume.

    As to the length, we produce oversized sports shoes EPUR in bio version or sports walking shoes Tennis up to number 50. This is for a foot measuring from the heel to the longest toe up to 328 mm.

  • Original footwear Original footwear

    We make shoes in Slovakia, we can make something special just for you.

    Choose or design a colour combination from any of our Walking Shoes patterns, we will make it for you. You will be original, we will make only one such pair with a serial number just for you. With colours and combinations you choose, with EPUR ISS°-Dia, Flexi or Bio soles. Choose  the pattern and size from our offer of Walking Shoes and send us your idea of colour combinations.


    For a small extra charge you will have a unique shoe with a serial number. No one else, just you.


    Vyrábame obuv na Slovensku, môžeme Vám na Vaše želanie vyrobiť  niečo výnimočné, len pre Vás.

    Vyberte alebo navrhnite si farebnú kombináciu z ktoréhokoľvek  nášho vzoru Vychádzková obuv, vyrobíme Vám ho. Budete originálny, vyrobíme len jeden takýto pár s výrobným číslo len pre Vás. Z farieb a kombinácií, aké si vyberiete,  s podošvou  EPUR ISS°-Dia, Flexi alebo Bio. Vyberte si  z našej ponuky Vychádzkovej obuvi vzor, veľkosť a pošlite nám Vašu predstavu o farebných kombináciách.


    Za malý príplatok a počkanie si, kým Vám to vyrobíme , budete mať jedinečnú topánku s výrobným číslom. Nik iný, len Vy.

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  • Nadrozmerná obuv Nadrozmerná obuv
  • Beach shoes Beach shoes

    Beach shoes made of rubber, PVC, polyethylene compounds and other synthetic materials will not decompose in nature until hundreds of years from now. Until then, these discarded or lost pieces of plastic will be destroying nature and the animals in the sea will be eating them too.

    That is why we also produce a version of the biodegradable beach shoes that also have a strip of natural biodegradable leather. The beach shoes will withstand many years of daily use.

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  • Made to measure Made to measure
  • Barefoot shoes Barefoot shoes