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Our flagship shoe is biodegradable, comfortable, and highly durable, minimizing waste and consumption.

Developed and tested in collaboration with Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic, this patented shoe boasts a minimal CO2 footprint. We use locally sourced, sustainable materials and manufacture them responsibly in Slovakia.

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100 years ago, shoes made by local shoemakers from leather and leather soles had the major disadvantage of low durability. While these shoes were completely biodegradable and CO₂ neutral, the soles wore out quickly and required frequent repairs, such as replacing the soles.

By using rubber and other synthetic materials with longer life and better abrasion resistance, the footwear became a burden on the environment. These materials, such as rubber and PVC, take centuries to decompose in landfills. With the development of reactive polyurethane sole compounds, things have changed.

These polyurethanes are close in composition to proteins and are degradable. However, they previously suffered from a drawback: even unworn footwear with polyurethane soles would deteriorate after about 8 years.By modifying the formulations for the production of reactive polyester polyurethane soles, removing silicone stabilizers and using natural dyes such as carbon black and titanium white, we've achieved biodegradability of the sole, which was a major challenge.

Biodegradability of other shoe components is also achievable.

Replacing polyester threads and laces with cotton ones, and using more eco-friendly alternatives to chrome-tanned leathers, increases the overall biodegradability of the shoe.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a completely compostable shoe. This shoe would decompose entirely into compost, CO₂, and water within 10-15 years in a composter. We are currently working on developing and testing this product.