CO2 balance

Reducing CO2 emissions is a challenge and a process that we are tackling on multiple levels:


We use two main materials to produce footwear that is designed to break down while being comfortable and non-degradable - natural leathers and polyurethane soles.

The leathers are bovine, mostly tanned, the CO2 footprint is minimal, caused only by the use of fossil fuels in the breeding and transport of the cattle.

The sole polyurethane, meanwhile, is petroleum-derived. It compensates for this disadvantage by its ability to biodegrade as the only sole material used, and by its incredible abrasion resistance, which extends the time until the purchase of new shoes, thus reducing consumption. The polyurethane skeleton of the EPUR ISS sole has a carbon content of 57.1 wt%, compared to 85.7 wt% of, for example, polyethylene sole materials. To illustrate, our average men's outsole weighs 380 grams of polyurethane foam, which is the CO2 footprint equivalent of approximately 0.37 litres of petrol.

2. Transport

We account for the transportation of raw materials to Brodzany, the transportation of shoes to our customers, and the commuting of our employees to work. The transport of raw materials is within Slovakia, partly from the EU, but not from Asia at all. This type of transport and transport to customers is not yet CO2 neutral, which will improve over time. We cannot influence this now. However, we use two electric vehicles for transport to the workplace, which we also charge with electricity from solar panels.


The technology is housed in well-insulated company premises. Gas consumption for heating is at the level of a family house and thus we minimize the CO2 footprint. We plan to use electricity mainly from our photovoltaic panels, combining flexible working hours maximising the use of solar energy with flexible switching to less energy-intensive operations when the weather is cloudy or wintry.

With the gradual transition to electric trucks, hydrogen trucks, and especially trains, there is a lot of scope for reducing the present value.

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