Research and development

Research, Development, and Collaboration allow us to provide you with brand-new products. We are taking products originally developed for the most sensitive and compromised foot - the diabetic foot - to another level.

We are collaborating with the T. Bata University in Zlín on the development of compostable footwear, which is made of completely different materials than regular footwear. We are going back to tanned cowhides, which, together with the entire footwear, can decompose in composts in around 10-15 years.

We are studying the composting process and selecting the most suitable materials. From cotton shoelaces to sole materials without harmful dyes, residues, and microplastics, which contaminate our planet. At the same time, we use materials that are soft, comfortable yet abrasion resistant. We are developing footwear that protects the planet by reducing consumerism and consumption while offering significantly better comfort than has been available to date.