100% domestic production and raw materials

EPUR shoes with the ISS soles are manufactured for you in our family company in Brodzany near Partizánske, formerly Batovany. This is the region where Bata built his factories and established a shoemaking tradition that has lasted for over 70 years.

That is why we are cooperating with the T.Bata University in Zlín on research and development of a new generation of footwear and a new, post-industrial method of its production.

We have at our disposal, along with you, our own domestic and cutting-edge research and development, we have our own modern technologies, and hooves designed for the statistically wider foot of the domestic population in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

We use raw materials preferably from Slovakia, textile materials are Czech. The sole materials are from Italy and Germany, and the flexible materials are from Spain. We do not need anything from Asia. We haven’t had success in finding a domestic manufacturer of wool fabrics so far.