The ISS® DIA sole

The ISS sole has been developed specifically for the requirements of diabetologists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, M.D. Záhumenský and M.D. Jarabek, for the prevention of diabetic blisters and corns. Diabetics suffer from reduced foot sensitivity, which causes a high risk of blisters and amputation of the lower limbs. This type of sole has been able to meet the requirements for the thickness of the soft cushioning layers up to 14mm in total.

Additionally, these insole layers are integrated and molded into the sole. They do not wear out over time, as is the case with conventional insertable insoles. This has resulted in a globally unique sole construction that has been patented in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, and Austria. From a technical point of view, the use of reactive polyester materials that make up the sole skeleton is also exceptional in terms of long-wearing life due to excellent mechanical and physical parameters such as abrasion resistance, strength, and flexibility. Tens of thousands of pairs of shoes with ISS soles have been produced since 1997 without a single reminder of being too tight on the plantar part of the foot, not only for diabetics but also for walking, casual, home, and work shoes with electrically conductive soles. The arrangement of the sandwich materials and their thicknesses can be varied, and their effect optimised as required.

The Dia version distributes the weight over the entire foot, prevents blisters, and can prevent amputation as well.

The polyurethane materials used allow us to produce the latest innovation in ISS soled footwear - its biodegradability. This makes the ISS sole unique and ISS soled footwear is supremely comfortable and can be worn for a long time, thus prolonging the purchase of new shoes and thus conserving the limited resources of our planet. Moreover, it is biodegradable.

Sendvičová podošva DIA