The ISS® FLEXI sole

The EPUR ISS° FLEXI sole has been developed based on the experience with the ISS DIA sole, which prevents blisters as a priority.

The ISS° FLEXI sole is designed to provide maximum shock absorption during walking. When walking on today's hard asphalt and concrete surfaces, shocks are transmitted through the foot and leg to the spine, which suffers as a result.

Weakened muscles holding the skeleton of the spine are already an ongoing epidemic, and consequent vertebrogenic diseases with low back and disc pain are becoming more and more prevalent. The only real cure is frequent movement and the gradual, at first careful strengthening of the muscles, mainly by walking, if possible, on softer surfaces.

On hard surfaces and with heavier loads or running, the ISS° Flexi sole is unbeatable as a shock absorber for your joints, discs, and vertebrae.