women's brown leather wedge heel shoes OLA

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Leather shoes with laces, soles and wedge heels.

High quality shoes for women who need comfortable shoes for everyday use.

Wear-resistant and breathable leather shoes.

These shoes are laced.

The shoe has a minimum of seams, it is without irregularities, so there is no internal friction on the foot.

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made to order 20 days

How we make shoes for you

More information about product

Leather slippers are made in Slovakia.

We ensure the entire production process, from the purchase of materials in Slovakia and Italy, through the design, sewing and embroidery of slippers in our workshop.

The slippers are made of high quality soft leather that adapts perfectly to your feet.

They can be insulated with a thin lining or a fur-lined lining for winter.

They provide a beneficial feeling of barefoot walking and are among the favorite shoes of barefoot enthusiasts.